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Christmas lights!

Unique, handmade gifts

Absolutely love the translucency of fine porcelain. Don't feel the need to add glaze, the natural matt white looks so classy I think.

This is what I use to make most of my tea light holders, it just glows beautifully when the flame inside is lit, looks so cosy, homely, romantic.

Been busy this evening adding some of my small (2 1/2" tall x 2" wide) porcelain tea light candle holders to my Etsy shop, have some that are taller to add also. If you have time please take a peek, adding more designs during this next week.

Something special about giving a handmade gift at Christmas I think, and knowing that the gift is unique, no two are the same. I love to see them grouped together, love that warm golden glow. More designs coming soon Visit my shop

Many different designs available from £12.00
Handmade porcelain candle holders
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