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First Wonderland Sculpture

Making of Alice ..... work in progress

· ceramic sculpture,art,clay

So much more fun when you're not doing it alone!

Boy do I love my new sculpture group in Malvern art college, such interesting, friendly folks and multi talented teacher Guy, seems there are not many techniques that he can't do!

Added her apron today, am using my Wonderland picture of Alice falling to inspire my new sculpture. Alice sitting on a tree stump drinking tea..... sounds a bit normal for me but she will have piercings and a tattoo or two! of course! lol

Here's my starting point/inspiration ..........

....And this is the beginning of the sculpture below ...

Especially enjoyed shaping the skirt frills and her jointed legs. Will probably paint the finished piece with muted acrylics..... as long as it comes out of the kiln in one piece that is!! keep 'em crossed for me please. lol

Decided she should be seated somehow so I have sat her on an old tree stump. Hopefully she will be sipping a cuppa in the woods (as you do!!! ).

Not a very clear pic' sorry but there is a mushroom at the back of the tree stump, he has a cheerful grin!

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