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Glazing the ladies!

Latest sculptures ready for firing

· tea lights,Christmas gifts,figure sculpture

This figure is designed to be a light. Pictures show front and side of the earthenware figure. Made by using the coiling technique with a hand modeled body, approx 10" tall.

A candle or tea light can be placed inside. She will be white when completed with a metal earring and copper bra/corset, little figure will also have a metal bra/corset. Love a bit of mixed media.

Really looking forward to final result with these earthenware figures after glazing them today. Big one at front in a 'ball' gown is to hold a candle, it is inserted through back of her dress, glazed with white. Alice in wonderland at back, tall and slim, will when fired, be blue dress on lower half with white apron and a light coating ow white on hair and skin so some creamy clay colour shows through a little to soften the white and contrast with apron. Completed sculpture pictures to follow soon

Alice in Wonderland figure ready to be fired.

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