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July happenings

(Studio assistant Ozzy examining a sculpture)

Hope you are all enjoying the summer weather. I'm still teaching handbuilding classes in my Worcestershire studio and thankful that the room is cool! It's been a productive month with record sales for me at the Showborough House garden sculpture exhibition this year, my crazy bird sculptures proving popular.They are so much fun to create. Love this venue, the gardens are beautiful and so many great sculptures to see. Am looking forward to next year, put it in your diary. Planning on making more Wonderland themed pieces soon and just in the processs of making some large ceramic Maine coon cats. Such stunning animals and I love all the textures involved whilst modelling the fur. I will be sculpting in mainly stoneware from now on including pieces for the garden not just for home decor. Will be posting regular updates with pictures on this site as well as:

Work in progress. White stoneware waiting for finishing  touches, then into the kiln to be busque fired


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