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Rainy day rabbits and others

Hanging around!

Been beating myself up for not producing enough. I am for a change, focusing on making smaller, easier for folks to display, stuff today. Have struggled to get off my bum and work in the tropical heat we've been having recently, I am a rain, ice, snow, winter person! Sorry, I will stop complaining Alfred (local artist/tutor, who tells me off for moaning, quite rightly .... lol )

These are works in progress, wall hanging pieces, rabbits that with piercings and more cheshire cats, so will look better in a day or two when finished and ready for firing in my little, trusty L&L kiln. Planning other characters to make in this smaller size, some Alice in wonderland inspired and some not, but probably ALL with the odd screws, nuts and bolts! 'cos for some strange reason ..... I have to avoid realism at all costs!

Not good at motivating myself always so I remember the words of Bromyard artist Alfred Mann and also watching Stefen Baumann at the moment, both pretty motivational I think

Wall hanging rabbit with piercings, waiting to air dry before firing
Rabbit coated with brown slip and beginnings of Cheshire cat. Both small wall hangings when finished

Hope you can find time to visit my studio in August.

This is 'Hare on a G string' made for the Newent art competition and exhibited and for sale right now at the Secret Gallery, Newent, Gloucestershire. He is made from earthenware clay with mixed media and sits on a real log slice playing his steampunk violin

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