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To hot to go out today!

Girl with rabbit. White earthenware, 16 inches tall (before being fired))

Whilst many of you are outside bathing in the hot UK sun today I am working in my cool studio and loving every minute! I am not a sun worshiper so this is a perfect day to me! Creating inside, in the cool.

Figure sculpture has always been my favourite art form and this one has been particularly satisfying to sculpt, although quite challenging making a weighty figure supported by a mushroom that is very fine/thin in structure. The white, grogged earthenware is ideal for this type of work I find, good for detailed features yet still pretty strong. Thinking of including more animals and birds with my figures, feel it makes a more interesting composition. Would like to get a collection made in time for the Worcester open studios event this summer

Girl with rabbit, clay sculpture by Heather Sweet-Moon
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