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Working on some new Alice in Wonderland inspired paintings

· Alice in Wonderland,decor,art

Want to create a decent size series of my pastel and mixed media Wonderland inspired paintings.

This theme is perfect for me as I love anything different and especially quirky.

Right now I am working on a picture called 'Late' which is another White Rabbit painting with pocket watches featured as well as cats eyes!

I am planning in my sketch book some ideas for the caterpillar smoking whilst sitting on a metal mushroom with Alice peeping over at him. Want his face to be full of character and probably not very handsome!

I have been hesitant about painting the Mad Hatter as I prefer to paint female characters. I have been requested to do this recently by the owner of the recently opened: in Stafford. So I am scribbling down ideas for the hatter now. Quite fancy him pushing the door mouse into the teapot or something similar. Thinking cap on!

Not finished, looking forward to texturing rabbits fur soon.

Painted two variations on my sculpted fairy called Erin

Painted faces were based on my clay sculpture Erin pictured above. Sculptures and paintings are available to buy as giclee prints, A2 @ £90, A3 @ £43, A4 @ £23, unmounted, unframed. Contact me for quotes for mounted, framed pictures or canvases. Shop:

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