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    I am largly a self taught artist. Sculpture and painting have been my main passion and therapy since my years at junior school .

    In my studio in Worcestershire I hand build animals and female figures for home or garden décor from 15cm tall to over 70cm. I slab build, coil and model highly detailed figures with texture, embossed or marked by hand into the stoneware clay surface.

    Growing up in the Shropshire countryside on a small holding, I was immersed in nature, with many animals on the land. A great animal lover I feel strongly that animals greatly enrich our lives in many ways and can greatly benefit our mental health.

    I create a variety of handmade, sculptures and wall hanging plaques for home decor . I also make frostproof garden sculptures, suitable for display in on your patio or in your garden.
    Each piece is a 'one off' – If you see a piece you like I am happy to make repeats but due to the nature of the handbuilding and decorating techniques that I use, each one will vary slightly from the original giving you a completely unique art piece.