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  • Nature, Expression, Humour

    Heather Sweet-Moon is a self-taught British artist creating ceramic sculptures in her Worcestershire studio.  

    Growing up in a quiet, secluded location in the Shropshire countryside she developed her prolific imagination writing poetry and building mixed media figures to entertain herself. Living on her parents small holding she developed a great love of animals and birds, which often feature in her work.

    Heather’s creativity has always been apparent in her work. She has worked as a teacher, owned a hairdressing business, and a wedding sugar sculpture business. Recieving commissions from individuals, businesses and celebrities. Her work has apeared on TV, the cover of Vogue and been exhibited in many UK art galleries.


    Today the artist sculpts using stoneware and porcelain clay fired to 1250c, using modelling, slabbing and coiling techniques. Pieces are then finished with oxides and underglaze. After applying colours she wipes them back to emphasise the beautiful details that are carved or embossed into the clay.


    Heather always felt unfulfilled and dreamt of spending her time focusing only on hand building ‘one off’ clay sculptures for the home and garden, and in 2018 the dream became reality.